Having spent over 22 years working around the world, speaking on the skills and disciplines needed to succeed within Multilevel Marketing. In today’s tough climate it is imperative to have extra income streams, MLM offers you this.

So you want to build a team? There are many ways to do this and not all of them are the right way. In fact, building a team begins with old school style. These ways are cast in stone, and the foundation upon which the system is built. They are the only way to score a perfect MLM group and reap rewards from it.

SteveFor instance, I begin all work with a no nonsense approach to network marketing. I have built and created over 96,000 distributors  in my last network. I have seen that golden goose and know how to get you there also.

If this is  your first trip in network marketing than settle in a chair and enjoy this read because it is going to be your bible throughout your career. If you know anything or a little something then continue to read because you will find the information in here invaluable to your journey. Beginning your journey to success from my work will be the best thing you have ever done for yourself. I tell it like it is, all of the information here is valuable and key to developing that Internet persona you need.

If you are ready for the challenge and even if you are simply curious then read on. Have I covered everyone? I think not, but regardless there is a reason you picked up this book and are primed to read. Maybe you want to expand your work or you want a career change.

What drove you here is the basis of making a living. Am I right? I bet I am and let me assure you you have come to the right place. If you have been in network marketing more than 12 months these concepts will amaze you. I know the industry, and the industry knows me. I can help you wheedle out the liars and the leaches to get you where you need to be. I can assure you that many people out there will make 1000s of promises  that they will make you rich overnight. When the money fails to come in where will you be? Disillusioned, distraught and ready to give up.

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Network marketing and MLM are used in different capacities around the world. The benefits of this website is going to help you to understand these differences and how to use the terms and concepts to grow your business.

In order to be classified as a great sponsor you have to gain at least 1 person per week at minimum. If the person you sponsor can do the same then your path is paved. If they cannot do the same then you are literally up the creek. Your business stops dead in its tracks. That is why network marketing has a 97% drop out rate, because sure you can get one sponsor but what about two or four from there on in.

For instance, you are getting hot and heavy with networking in whatever company you are with, you listen to all the latest training, CD’s and Webinars. The information on how to succeed in network marketing rings like music to your ears. But does this replace working one on one? No, not at all.

If you are not working with your group one on one then you are fishing in the dark blindfolded and without a paddle. At this point you are saying “Yes, I should be working closer with them.” If you are on the other side, looking to see if your sponsor is ever going to call you to tell you the tips and tricks to the business, then fire them. That’s right, if they cannot give you a pinch of their time then simply fire them. You will be better off without them. Find their mentor and see if you can use them to learn more about the business. Your financial future is up to you and you alone. Remember you are in charge of YOU.